Company's Certificates

Company’s Certificates

Paralimnitiko products conform to all EU quality specifications and are authorized by European laboratories. All products are manufactured at the state–of–the–art production unit in Paralimni and are well designed, while the constant quality control has become a daily habit to all parties involved in the process. The Alfakol adhesives are based on the European standard EN 12004, Joint grout mortar are based on EN 13888 and Plasters and Joint mortars are based on EN 998 – 1 and EN 998 – 2, all of which are highly ranked in both the Cypriot and foreign market. 

Our company has been certified from the following associations:  


CEThe CE Marking Association, specialists in product compliance and CE Marking, can provide testing, consultancy and help on all aspects of CE Marking  

The CE mark shows that a product conforms with the European legislation. It is affixed to all Paralimnitiko products allowing them to be freely moved within the European market.




Avraam Pittakis & Sons Ltd holds the quality management certificate ISO 9001 for the production and sale of all of its products, indicating the company’s strong focus on its customers and the Continuous Improvement model.     




Our management system, based on ISO 9001, is accredited with the URS certification by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).



This symbol is mainly used for European countries, indicating our contribution to the recycling of all packaging.