Customer Service

Customer Service


Customer Service is on the business core of Paralimnitiko. Our philosophy, values, strategies, operations and activities revolve around customer satisfaction.


We mainly focus on Relationship Marketing. The salesmen’ team makes every effort to achieve beneficial relationships with our customers through continuous and direct contact with each individual client.


We deliver all over Cyprus and we cooperate with many DIY stores in all towns. If you are looking for our products, please click on the following link to find your closest DIY store:

Shop Finder


Technical Support is another key area we focus on.

  • Our technicians visit any construction work that needs support and explain in detail all the products’ applications.
  • All the staff members are well trained to respond in any customer enquire, either by giving directly the information needed or by relegating the customer to the appropriate department.  
  • Technical Support is available online. If you already know the product you want and you need some technical information, please visit our products, choose the product and download it's information sheet. On the other hand, if you would like to find the appropriate kind of product, you can either download the complete catalogue of our website which is a helpful guide towards the right product choice or otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us.