Our History

AVRAAM PITTAKIS & SONS Ltd. was established in 1974 by Avraam Pittakis in Paralimni. From the outset, the company focused on rock sale, limestone powder, sprits and feedstuff while later on, it started developing the construction of technical works.  As time passed by, the company focused on and promoted the manufacture of construction materials, such as a wide variety of adhesives (suitable for tiles, granites, stones, polystyrenes EPS & XPS, plasterboard, floor heating, tesserae, and glass blocks),  joint grouts, compounds, plasters (renders), mortars, textured coatings, waterproof slurries, and thermal and sound insulation products.

The company’s logo name, Paralimnitiko, came from a company’s product called ‘Paralimnitiko Ready Mixed Sprits’, which had been in high demand from the Cypriot Market consumers during 1986. This period of time was also considered the first major success of the company, as it standed out in the market for the first time, with this particular product. Consequently, ‘Paralimnitiko’ was officially introduced as the logo name, while the initial company’s name ‘Avraam Pittakis & Sons Ltd’ was still keptas a respect to the establisher and his earlier followers.  

Having steered a remarkable course in the building sector throughout the years, the company has managed to estabish a powerful position in the construction sector in Cyprus today. This has mainly been achieved by adhering to a long-term business plan within the framework of which relatively daring strategic initiatives were undertaken, such as the 160,000 metres of land being purchased and the construction of a private factory in 1981 in Paralimni.

The year of 2006 signalled a new chapter in the company’s history; the purchase and installation of a new state-of-the-art machinery, one of the most modern of its kind throughout the Mediterranean, that conformed and still conforms to all safety, health and environmental standards, creating a technological bench mark for Cyprus. These facts, among many others, demonstrate the successful progress of the company, the making of sound investing decisions, as well as the possibility of exceeding sale and financial projections. The new investment has also opened a new, dynamic opportunity for the company – exports.