Working Environment

Our Working Environment

The company's employees are the underpinning of our success; old employees are committed with the company for a lifetime, as they have been working with us since it was first established. They strongly recruit newcomer employees to help them understand the importance of teamwork and as a result, it becomes the biggest incentive of every employee to firstly succeed as a team and then as an individual member too.


Young and educated employees are always encouraged by the management team to express any new ideas they have. We believe that the ideas of the new generation together with the experience of the old generation, when combined with the detailed research of risk identification and the control of risks taken in any change or improvement, are all key to ‘Continual Improvement’.


We are proud of our employees’ efficiency; the least we can do for them is to assure a safe and secure working environment and to provide them with our strongest support when necessary. We reward anyone who exceeds the company's expectations and as a consequence, it motivates them to continually improve.