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Grouts - A wide variety of colours
Self - Leveling Compound

Limassol Marina - Use of the Eco-Friendly and Lightweight plaster 'Thermopilos' for interior and exterior use as 1st and 2nd hand plastering.
Project in Coral Bay by Paschali Developers - Use of the Eco-Friendly plaster 'Thermosovas' for thermal & sound insulation of buildings.
Sunrise Pearl Hotel & Spa - Use of Extra Plast (acrylic or not) or Flash Spa (acrylic or not) for interior and exterior plastering & smoothing of the final surface.
Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa - Use of one of our Alfakol Series Adhesives for bonding ceramics or mosaics in swimming pools.

Paralimnitiko introduced Primers in the market  as a new category of it's range of products in January 2014. Our Primers are used for enhancing of the adhesion of Mortars. This new product series involves 4 different kinds of primers:

  1. The Alfa Beton RedPrimer is an excellent adhesion primer based on acrylic resins and sand, with a high alkali resistance. It is used to prime bases which are not suitable for direct plastering due to their great smoothness and their low absorbency (ie. visible concrete, polystyrene surfaces, etc).
  2. The Alfaliq Primer is a transparent acrylic primer ready for use on cement or gypsum boards to which cement-based products or adhesives must be applied. It is also used on very absorbent, porous and difficult substrates prior to applying self-levelling compounds, plasters or adhesives. Alfa Liquid Primer is designed to give maximum penetration into the substrate in order to enhance the adhesion of cement-based materials.
  3. The Alfaliq Grafit Primer is ideal for preparing the cementitious surface before applying one of the final acrylic textured coatings (Alfaliq Grafit, Alfaliq UV Thermal Acrylic/Silicone). It also has the ability to stain the substrate and to adapt its color with that of the final surface. 
  4. The Alfa Ferre is a brushable, cementitious mortar for anti-rust protection of concrete reinforcement. It also acts as a bonding promoter between the old and new mortar or concrete in repair works. 

For more details go to PRIMERS 

Our Products


Alfakol Cement based Adhesives are one component for all types. 


A variety of regular and thermal plasters based on perlite for 1st, 2nd and 3rd hand plastering.


Colorful final plasters of all types. You can choose from our large range of colours.