Dry-mix cement based finishing coat highly recommended for exterior surfaces.

It conforms to European Standard ΕΝ998-1 specifications.



  • Ready for application
  • Excellent workability
  • High Adherence and Resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Increased weather resistance


Range of Application

  • Smoothing 2nd hand plastered surfaces.
  • Smoothing surfaces of fair-face concrete.
  • Smoothing and leveling concrete bricks and red bricks.
  • Ideal for Smoothing on Smart Plast Thick Layer. 

Product Identity    

  • Appearance: cement – based powder.     
  • Colour: Grey & White.     
  • Packaging: 25kg bags.     
  • Storage: 8 months in the original packaging and in a dry  place.    
  • Particle size: 0-800 μm.   

Application Data    

  • Mixing Ratio: 25kg in 7-8L water    
  • Pot life: 1 hour at 23ºC  and 50% RH    
  • Thickness: 2-4mm/coat    
  • Consumption: 3-5 kg/m2 depending on surface    
  • Application temperature: +5 ºC - +35 ºC  

Final Performance    

  • Adhesion strength: 1.6 Ν/mm2    
  • Resistance in the bending: 8.2  N/mm2    
  • Resistance in the compaction: 13.4 N/mm²   
  • Thermal conductivity (λ10,dry): 0.5 W/m∙K    
  • Apply by hand using a trowel in two crossed coats of 2-4 mm. The 2nd coat is applied only when the first one has been set.    
  • The final surface may either be finished with a trowel covered with sponge or made smooth with a steel trowel’s edge. The surface should be lightly dampened, for 2–3 days, beginning 24 hours after application, especially in hot weather, with intense evaporation.  

Substrates Preparation    

  • The substrate must be solid, free of dust, loose parts and oils.    
  • The substrate has to be flat without any anomalies for better final appliance.    
  • To avoid immediate absorption of mix water by the substrate and for better adhesion saturate the surface to provide a saturated surface dry condition.  

Preparing the mix    

  • Pour the material into clean water and mix (mix in a concrete machine for big  quantities or with a low speed electric mixer for small quantities) until a homogeneous lump free mix is obtained.   
  • Allow mixture settle for 5 minutes prior the application. Attention! Additional water will make your mixture sloppy and may cause negative results on final strength.    
  • Use the mixture when is still fresh. Do not leave the mix unmixed for a long time.    
  • Do not mix with water or latex additive when the mixture starts to set in the bucket because it might have adverse effect on its mechanical properties. In such case the mix should be dropped.

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