LimePlaster Fine


Fine-granulated final NO CEMENT limeplaster.

It conforms to European Standards ΕΝ998-1.



  • Ready for application
  • High plasticity
  • High adherence


Range of Application

  • As a finish coat on Thick – Granulated Lime Plaster or directly to the surface ....
  • Plastering surfaces of stone.
  • Restorations.
  • Hagiography, Churches and Historical Places .

Product Identity   

  • Appearance – colour: lime based white powder.   
  • Packaging: 25 Lt Bags.   
  • Storage: 8 months in the original packaging and in a dry place.   
  • Particle size: 0 – 800 μm.  

Application Data    

  • Mixing Ratio: 25L in 12-14L water.    
  • Pot life: 1 hour at 23 ºC and 50% RH.    
  • Thickness: 3-5mm/coat.    
  • Consumption: 3-5L/m² depending on use.    
  • Application temperature: +5 ºC - +35 ºC    

Final Performance    

  • Adhesion strength: 0.2 Ν/mm2– FP:B    
  • Compressive strength: CSI    
  • Water absorption: W0     
  • Thermal conductivity (λ10,dry): 0.4 W/m∙K
  • Application can be done using level guides or not, depending on the nature of the surface and the required result.    
  • Apply to the surface by either a trowel or a float. In case that the application will be with a trowel the thickness of each layer should not be more than 5 mm.   
  • The plastered surface remains workable for a few days, if sprayed with water immediately before. Then rub with a wooden or plastic flat. Next day the surface is perfected, immediately after spraying with water.    
  • Keep the surface wet for at least 6 weeks, especially in hot weather.   
  • For practical reasons LIME PLASTERED surfaces should remain unpainted for several months.  

Substrates Preparation   

  • The substrate must be solid, free of dust, loose parts and oils.   
  • Cracks or cavities are suitably filled and allowed to cure, before lime plaster application.   
  • To avoid immediate absorption of mix water by the substrate and for better adhesion saturate the surface to provide a saturated surface dry condition.  

Preparing the mix   

  • Pour the material into clean water and mix (in a concrete machine for big quantities or with a low speed electric mixer for small quantities) until a homogeneous lump free mix is obtained.   
  • Allow mixture settle for 5 minutes prior the application. Attention! Additional water will make your mixture sloppy and may cause negative results on final strength.    
  • Mixing period should not exceed 5 minutes because it might cause adverse effect on its mechanical properties.    
  • Use the mixture when is still fresh. Do not leave the mix unmixed for a long time.    
  • Do not mix with water or latex additive when the mixture starts to set in the bucket. In such case the mix should be dropped.  

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