Alfa Water Seal

Description: One component, elastic cement-based sealing slurry reinforced with fibres. Classified as a protective Coating (C) on a concrete surface, according to ΕΝ1504-2.


    - Simple and low cost application

    - High Adherence

    - Resistance to shrinkage

    - Perfect sealing


  • Waterproofing and protection of concrete structures, renders and cementitious screeds.
  • Waterproofing balconies, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, etc. before laying ceramics tile finishes.

Product Identity    

  • Appearance: cement-based mortar    
  • Color: Grey  
  • Package & Weight: Bags of 20kg 
  • Storage: 8 months in the original packaging and in a dry place    
  • Particle size: 0-0.8mm  

Application Data    

  • Mixing Ratio: 20kg in 4L water for trowel application or 20kg in 5-7.5L water for brush application    
  • Pot life: 1 hour at 23 ºC and 50% RH    
  • Thickness: 1mm/coat    
  • Consumption: 5-6 kg/m² per 3 mm thickness    
  • Application temperature: +5 ºC - +35 ºC  


Final Performance

  Results Acceptable limit according to EN 1504-2


Bond strength to concrete, EN 1542:


1.1N/mm2 For flexible systems without trafficking  ≥ 0.8N/mm2


Capillary absorption, EN1062-3:


<0.05kg m-2 h0.5 <0.1kg m-2 h0.5


CO2 Permeability, EN1062-6: 




Water Vapour permeability, EN ISO 7783-2:


  Class I: SD<5m


  • ALPHA WATER SEAL must be applied within 60 minutes of it being mixed. Apply ALPHA WATER SEAL in 2-3 cross layers of 1 mm thickness, with a brush or plastic paint roller brush or a trowel.    
  • When the first coating thickness and prior to its complete drying, apply the second coating cross-wise. If necessary, proceed to the prior wetting of the first coating.     
  • The final surface should be protected from frost and high temperatures for 48 hours with frequent rinsing and with the appropriate protective means.
  • When used for waterproofing swimming pools application is done with a trowel and is recommended to insert a mesh, to act as a reinforcement.    Note: Due to bonding strength of ALFA WATER SEAL, even on metals, it is recommended to wash work tools before the mortar sets.     

Substrates Preparation

  • The surfaces to be sealed must be mechanically cleaned, free from oil grease and loosely adhering particles.     
  • All surfaces must be free of cracks and flat as possible.    
  • For better adhesion saturate absorbent surfaces thoroughly with water to achieve a surface saturated dry condition.  

Preparing the mix    

  • Pour the material into clean water and mix with a low speed electric mixer until a homogeneous lump free paste is obtained, thick enough to stand on the brush or roller without dripping.      
  • Allow mixture settle for 5 minutes prior the application.    
  • Use the mixture when is still fresh. Do not leave the mix unmixed for a long time.

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