Lightweight mortar based on expanded perlite, for internal and external applications. It conforms to European Standard EN 998-1 specifications. 



  • Lightweight
  • Good Thermal Insulation properties
  • Fibre Reinforced for increased tensile strength


Range of Application

Designed for levelling flat roofs. 

Product Identity

  • Color: grey
  • Packaging & Weight: bags of 25Lt
  • Storage: 8 months in the original packaging and in a dry place
  • Particle size: 0-2.3mm


Application Data

  • Mixing Ratio: 20 L /15 L water
  • Potlife: approx. ½ hour at 23 oC and 50% RH
  • Thickness: 2.5 – 15 cm
  • Consumption: 20L/m² for 20-25mm thickness
  • Application temperature: +5 ºC - +35 ºC


Final Performance

  • Adhesion strength: 0.3 Ν/mm2– FP:B
  • Compressive strength: CSII
  • Thermal conductivity (λ10,dry): class T1- λ≤0.1 W/m∙K                                                        
  • After you place the guides apply Perlobeton to the desire thickness (up to 8-10 cm), by a plaster spraying machine or by hand using convectional tools for screed laying. Greater thicknesses can be achieved by applying more than one layer, after the first layer is almost dry.
  • The surface should be lightly dampened, for 2–3 days, beginning 24 hours after application, especially in hot weather, with intense evaporation.

Substrates Preparation

  • The base concrete surface should be structurally sound and free from excessive dust, dirt and contaminants such as oil and grease.
  • To properly clean the surface, the whole area should be brushed over with a stiff bristle broom and water.


Preparing the mix

  • Pour the material into clean water and mix in a concrete machine until a homogeneous lump free mix is obtained. Allow the mix to cure for 5 minutes and periodically repeat stirring. Attention! Additional water will make your mixture sloppy and may cause negative results on final strength.
  • Mixing time should not exceed 5 minutes because it might cause adverse effect on its mechanical properties.
  • Use the mixture when is still fresh. Do not leave the mix unmixed for a long time.
  • Do not mix with water or latex additive when the mixture starts to set in the bucket. In such case the mix should be dropped.