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Paralimnitiko adds LATEX on its range of products

At the beginning of 2014, Paralimnitiko added its own LATEX on its range of products, named Alfaliq Latex. The ALFALIQ LATEX is a polymer Latex, used as an admixture to significantly improve the mechanical properties of mortars in several ways.

  • improves plasticity and workability of fresh mortar
  • increases adhesion to the substrate
  • improves elasticity
  • eliminates shrinkage and prevents resulting cracks
  • increases abrasion resistance
  • makes mortars' water impermeable

You can find all the available information of Latex by clicking ALFALIQ LATEX .

The Alfaliq Latex has already been available in the Cypriot market and you can find it in many DIY stores all over Cyprus. Visit our SHOP FINDER to view the DIY stores in which the product is available.