Self Levelling Compound Fine

Description: Ready mixed, one component, cementitious Self Leveling Compound. Suitable for levelling and smoothing differences in thickness from 1 to 8 mm. For greater thickness Self Levelling Compound 5-30 mm is recommended.


    - Fluid and easily workable mortar

    - Pump or hand application

    - High bonding strength

    - High resistance and flexural strength

Applications: Suitable for leveling and smoothing differences in thickness of 1-8 mm, on new or existing substrates, preparing them to receive all kind of flooring (carpets, wooden floors etc), where a high resistance to loads is required. 

Product Identity    

  • Appearance: cement-based mortar    
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight/Package: 25kg bag   
  • Storage: 8 months in the original packaging and in a dry place    
  • Particle size: 0-0.8mm  

Application Data    

  • Mixing Ratio: 25kg in 6 - 6.5 Lt water    
  • Pot life: 20-30 min at 23 ºC and 50% RH    
  • Application thickness: 1-8 mm/coat    
  • Consumption: 25 kg / 2.5m² per 8mm of thickness    
  • Application temperature: +5 ºC - +35 ºC  
  • Apply SELF-LEVELLING COMPOUND in a single coat from 1 to 8 mm using a large metal trowel, keeping the trowel slightly inclined to obtained the desire thickness. SELF-LEVELLING COMPOUND can also be applied with a pressure pump.   
  • Due to its self-leveling characteristics SELF-LEVELLING COMPOUND eliminates small imperfections like trowel marks etc.    
  • If a second coat is required it is recommended to apply it as soon as the first coat is set to light foot traffic (about 3-4 hours later) or use directly Self Levelling Compound 5-30 mm.  

Substrates Preparation    

  • The substrate must be solid, dry and free of dust, loose parts or oils.
  • Surfaces that are not sufficiently solid must be removed and surfaces with cracks must be repaired.   
  • Very porous substrates must be treated with ALFALIQ PRIMER and low absorbency substrates must be treated with ALFA BETON RED PRIMER.  

Preparing the mix    

  • Pour the material into 6 - 6.5 Lt clean water and mix with a low speed electric mixer until a homogeneous self-levelling, lump free mix is obtained. More quantities can be prepared in concrete mixers    
  • Allow mixture settle for 5 minutes prior the application.   
  • The quantity of ALFA SELF LEVELLING COMPOUND mixed must be used within 15-20 min (at a temperature of 23 ºC).    
  • Do not add more water to the mix when has already begun to set.  

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